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Ledeno Doba 4 Na Srpskom Ceo Film 13




The Hollywood Reporter wrote on this film, "When Nicolas Cage was told about Alain Resnais’ 1967 film Last Year at Marienbad, a challenge was issued: Would he finance the commercial reboot of the beloved film? The answer was a polite no, and that was that. "Now, on the heels of Cage’s surprise decision to star in the top-grossing comic book movie, Mad Max: Fury Road, the director and his cinematic alchemist, Nicolas Cage, are teaming once again to remake the romantic fantasy Last Year at Marienbad. In it, Nicolas Cage plays an American billionaire who travels to France to learn about love, only to find that his wife has vanished. Fast-forward 70 years and the eccentric billionaire has become an increasingly grumpy patriarch who is growing impatient with his wife’s disappearance and is more intent on giving his son a more traditional family life than he ever has. In Marienbad fashion, he sends his son and daughter on a series of romantic getaways across Europe, hoping to spark a romance among the group. "The seven-minute short includes many of the familiar elements of the film. In the segment, the dark-haired, whip-thin stranger is confronted by the more-handsome-than-life Madame Thelma, played by Natasha Lyonne. Wary but intrigued, she invites the dark-haired stranger to her apartment, where she reveals herself to be a witch. No prizes for guessing what happens next. "The short version of Marienbad is a one-shot affair. Resnais’ original film became a cult hit in France, and eventually, in 1967, was shown in New York City as part of the Museum of Modern Art’s New French Cinema series. But it’s never been released in America. According to the French director, Mad Max did not think much of it. When they were in negotiations with the film’s original distributors, Marienbad’s producers asked what the director thought of the Alain Resnais remake. The answer was not encouraging. 'They don’t like it,' Resnais said. 'The film made a lot of money in France, but in America it did not work. They said it was not commercial enough.' "So Resnais’ son and co-writer, Simon, took up the case, hoping to persuade his father to remake the classic. It




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Ledeno Doba 4 Na Srpskom Ceo Film 13
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